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Forgetting it all…

Let’s see how this goes. Advertisements

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Anxious Days

As it gets closer and closer to what was my due date, I feel myself getting anxious. I told myself I could get through the day as I will be pregnant by then. What if I’m not? I should have … Continue reading

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Life goes on.

My husband and I have been marathoning Mad About You. It was one of my favorite shows when I was younger and FXX has been showing epsiodes of it throughout the day. I set the DVR and eventually had the … Continue reading

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Trying to make decisions

My husband and I are only done with our first (and hopefully only) miscarriage. However, since we are back to trying again, we are trying to make some decisions during this less emotional phase of our lives. This way we … Continue reading

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Days of chatter

It seems like everyone around my world is pregnant or talking about being pregnant.  Today was a day where I heard lots of chatter from pregnant women or women wanting to become pregnant. Today was a good day as it … Continue reading

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New phases…

Since my D&C my cycle has been completely random. However, I had been on some sort of birth control since I was 17, so I don’t remember what my normal was before the pill. I honestly don’t remember. I really … Continue reading

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Silent Suffering

I really wish I could speak up more throughout this experience.  I feel lots of times things are said to me that hurt me and I just stay silent. There’s a person at my work that is due the week … Continue reading

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