Happy Thanksgiving!

While this year has had many ups and downs, I am thankful. Even through our loss, we became stronger as a couple and found the support of some really amazing people. Yes, there have been bumps. However, I am thankful.

I am less than a week away from our next appointment. In May when we went for our 12 week check-up, there was no heart-beat. It had died at 9 weeks and six days. I should be over that now with my pregnancy. I still have the occasional morning sickness. I am still craving Mexican food. So today I am trying to be thankful for these little symptoms and put all the doubt and fears out of my mind.

Praying for happy news on Wednesday!

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About Finding Hope

Had a miscarriage in May 2014. Ended up having a D&C on Mother's Day 2014. Gave birth to an amazing little girl in June 2015. This blog helps deal with the grief of the first child and worries of motherhood and any future pregnancies.
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