Hanging on…

Baby is still here and as of our scan last week Wednesday – still dancing. Baby wiggled and moved the entire ultrasound.

Since my last post, I had another scare last Wednesday in the middle of the night. (Using the bathroom is now a terrifying experience – you constantly wonder if you’re bleeding.)  I woke up and was bleeding and then passing little clots.  I woke my husband up after about 45 minutes of me freaking out by myself and he stayed awake with me and got me some food and a drink for a bit. Two hours later, the bleeding had slowed down a lot and I was able to fall back asleep. I called my doctor’s office right when they opened and they were able to get me in for a scan.  Baby is fine. The blood clot doesn’t look much bigger, but they have to send it off to an expert to be sure. I’ll get those results at my next appointment.

Pregnancy with an Subchorionic Hematoma is interesting.  We’re coming up on the end of the first trimester – the normal time where people announce and we’re torn.  We partially want to announce so we can try and summon up some extra help from people that live nearby as we don’t have any family. However, if this ends in miscarriage (even though the odds are tiny), I don’t want to have to deal with the comments.  So we wait and see. We’ve had bad odds before.  If I listened to my gut, I believe that everything is going to be ok, that we will conquer this and survive it.  However, I’m terrified.

My 18 month old is starting to prefer Daddy over me as Daddy can do all the fun things. Mommy can just lie on the couch, cuddle, and watch TV. I’m trying not to let it effect my mood, but it’s a struggle. She’s always been a very active kiddo and I don’t blame her at all. I just hope she somehow understands that Mommy wishes she could do all the thing she finds fun.

So we’re taking it day by day. We may have an appointment this week, but I can cancel it if I’m not bleeding. If we do cancel, we go back next week for the end of our first trimester appointment. I spend my time resting, reading, and googling this thing.  (Here are two helpful sites if you want to know more: here and here.)

Thankfully I found a great Support Group on Facebook so I’m not going entirely insane and I know that I am very lucky with mine so far. We take it day by day and pray that this little one keeps on dancing.


About Finding Hope

Had a miscarriage in May 2014. Ended up having a D&C on Mother's Day 2014. Gave birth to an amazing little girl in June 2015. This blog helps deal with the grief of the first child and worries of motherhood and any future pregnancies.
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One Response to Hanging on…

  1. Sending you all the positive vibes for a resolved SCH and continued baby growth. I’d be so torn as well about announcing, whatever you decide is the right decision though, just know that.

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