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Had a miscarriage in May 2014. Ended up having a D&C on Mother's Day 2014. Gave birth to an amazing little girl in June 2015. This blog helps deal with the grief of the first child and worries of motherhood and any future pregnancies.


As a parent you are faced with choices. What is most important? Your work? Your family? What comes number one? What do you sacrifice to find your balance? I am lucky enough to be able to work a job that … Continue reading

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Sleep is something that controls you’mental health, your state of mind, and how your body does. Sleep deprivation can kill. I was blessed with one amazing sleeper once she figured out night and day. I was also blessed with one … Continue reading

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A year…

Facebook memories are a double edged sword. They help you remember. They can also hurt as you read the status you put up knowing you were pregnant but hadn’t announced it yet. Then that ended in a miscarriage, but you … Continue reading

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Lack of sleep…

We are coming up on baby #2 being a year. He is still not sleeping through the night. We have been doing really good with only getting up once a night. That’s manageable. Except then he got sick. Snot just … Continue reading

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Too much

So many moments lately are too much.  Both kids mainly want me and sometimes I’m entirely overwhelmed. Trying to keep both kids happy while not spoiling them, trying to keep what’s left of my marriage in track, and trying to … Continue reading

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Its ok to not be ok.

The funk continues. Last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking that I only have one life. Why am I wasting it being sad? But then I realized, it’s ok to not be ok. I’d rather go through … Continue reading

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Finding joy in little moments…

I’m in the middle of a funk. Ever since we became a family of four, I’ve struggled between happiness, gratefulness, and wondering what the hell we’ve done and why I ever thought we could be parents. We’ve adjusted to a … Continue reading

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