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Getting closer…

We are now less then two weeks away from our first scheduled doctor’s appointment. Already I have nerves and worries. Will this baby have a heartbeat? What if it doesn’t? What if we end up with a stillborn? What if … Continue reading

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Freak-Out Moment… (First of Many?)

I have been embracing this chance at pregnancy happily – the nausea makes me happy, crying at things makes me happy, the tiredness makes me happy. I was so hesitant and whiny last time that this time I am embracing … Continue reading

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Today, I am pregnant.

Today, I am pregnant.  Ever since phoenixandstars commented that on my last post, I keep repeating myself as I’ve needed it. I have moments of pure joy. I start making plans for the future, wondering when our babies due date will be, … Continue reading

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We went on a cruise a few weeks ago.  I normally feel nauseated on the cruise. I was doing okay for the first few days, but one day it just hit me. I stated feeling gross – luckily I had … Continue reading

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